so, travelling. who doesn't like to? i sure as hell love it. that's why i try to travel as much as possible. trouble is i spend more time playing with google maps, php and css than creating content... anyway, i seem to have everything working more or less to my command (except for internet exploder borking all the time and konquerer not loading my maps).

so lets start filling these pages!

i've written a fair bit about lebanon, and the first half of my trip in pakistan, as far as the afghan border. i've also started writing stuff about afghanistan before finishing pakistan.

when we were in the caucasus i brought a psion 5mx handheld to type up a diary every day, much less work than writing it in a book and typing it in later. it's still in dutch, so i have to translate it (which is a horrible task and i will probably postpone for as long as possible).